Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Installation Guide for Emak Softwares

This is very much useful for the users who installed the product from emak at very first time.. When you install any product from emak software.

There are 2 Installation 

Installation 1
Steps to download and Install Data base Service
Depending upon your operating system, install any one of the following

For Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows2003

You need to install MSDE (Microsoft Sql Server Desktop Engine) first.

This document describes the procedure for installing Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) for the SQL server. If your firm has Microsoft SQL Server 2000 already installed, you do not need to install MSDE.

MSDE is a free version of Microsoft SQL Server that is limited to a maximum of 25 users and 2 gigabytes of data. Firms requiring expanded capacity should contact Microsoft to purchase the appropriate version of MS SQL.

1. Download the .exe file by clicking link Download MSDE 2000
2. You will be asked to specify a directory where the files will be extracted. You can specify a directory as "D:\MsdeSetup\"
3.After extract the compressed file, open the folder "D:\MsdeSetup\"
4.Here you can see one setup icon(not setup folder) there, Click and install
5.After completion of installation, Go to Start ->Programs ->Startup
 Click Service Manager
6.Now you can see MSDE Sql server icon in the "Taskbar"
7.Click on the icon (in Taskbar), it opens one window, Press Start/Continue Button to Start the service
8.Note the Server Name(Which is appear in the Server Text Box) and Close it

For Windows Vista Or Windows 7

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express is a free version that Microsoft provided, we recommend it for most small to medium size enterprises.
You can install the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition on your system very easily in 4 easy steps. Here we will discuss about the clean installation of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition that will provide the back end data store for emak applications. Following are the steps that will guide you, how to select options during the installation wizards of SQL Server:

SQL Server 2005 Express requires .NET environment, so if your Windows is Windows XP/2000 without .NET framework installed,you need to download .NET Environment (22.4M) and install it firstly.

Download SQL Express for 32 bit Version - Download SqlExpress (For Windows7)

1Run the SQL Setup executable to install. First of all setup will scan the previously installed instance of SQL Server then it will check for the required prerequisites for the installation to be successful. You just need to click next one by one during these wizard steps. Remember to accept Agreement check box to perform the installation. After these steps Wizard will ask for the Registration information, just fill in the Name, Company and then press next. In the next Wizard Interface, choose the appropriate feature set as shown in the figure 1.
To install the entire feature you need to click on it and choose the "Entire feature will be installed on local hard drive" option from the menu. After selecting the features press next.


2Next… the setup wizard will ask for the Instance name. You can leave it as "Default Instance" and press next as shown in the Figure 2. Under default settings it will install the instance name as SQLEXPRESS.
Figure 2

3Last step that you need to interact with is Authentication Mode setting for the SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. Select the Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication) as shown in the Figure 3. This mode is best for the ASP.Net web developers that allow them to connect the SQL Server from remote locations. Next you need to enter the secure password for the "sa" logon. Click next and complete the setup. In the next step wizard will install the selected features on you machine.
Figure 3

4.On the "Configuration Options" screen you can configure user and administrator accounts (check "Add user to the SQL Server Administration role" box) and click Next

Figure 4

These are all the settings you need to consider.

Installation 2
Steps to download and Install Emak Software’s Product:

Let’s consider to install Inventory Software

1.Download Inventory software from Emak website (www.emaksoftwares.in)
2.Save the Inventory setup file into "D:\EzeInv\Setup\"

Note: The above path is for installing the Inventory Software, Change the Name as mentioned below instead of "EzeInv". The above path is for installing the Inventory Software, Change the Path if you install other product as follows.

Installation Path
File Name
Auto Finance Software
Inventory Software
Collection Software
Pawn Shop Software

3.Run the Inventory.msi(Installer file) , Change Installation path as "D:\EzeInv\"
4.Click Next , Next , Close (If Shows any Errors during the installation, press ok to continue)

5.Now u can see Inv Icon on your Desktop, double click the icon to open the software 6.It shows Message 'Invalid Server Name"

Important  for Windows XP,2000 and 2003:
Type the Server Name Which was noted by you when Starting MSDE server
Press Enter Key focus will move to "Use NT Authentication" text box , use space bar to change it as "No" and Press Enter key
Set SqlExpress as "No" and Press Enter key (If it Appears)
Now the focus is on the "OK" Button, press Enter Key
Thats All ...

Important  for Windows Vista and Windows 7 User:
SQL Server Express installs as an instance named "SQLEXPRESS," for example. You connect to a named instance by specifying the instance name with the server name in our software(Server Name Form). That is why you normally specify ".\SQLEXPRESS" as the server name when connecting to a local SQL Server Express database. The dot means the local server and \SQLEXPRESS specifies the SQLEXPRESS named instance.

Specify the server name as follows in our application(server name form)

Press Enter Key focus will move to "Use NT Authentication" text box ,confirm that should be "NO" and Press Enter key
Set SqlExpress as "Yes" and Press Enter key (If it Appears)
Now the focus is on the "OK" Button, press Enter Key
Thats All ...

Figure 5